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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

RA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan's Speech at General Meeting of ARF "Dashnaktsutyun"
Dear friends,

On behalf of the Government and on my own behalf, I welcome the general meeting of ARF "Dashnaktsutyun" Party. I wish you fruitful and successful work for the sake of Motherland and to the benefit of all Armenians.

Today the ARF "Dashnaktsutyun" is part of the ruling political coalition and has taken up its share of responsibility for progress of the country.

Our political leaders have set themselves the task of deciding Armenia's internal problems, namely: poverty, unequal conditions for competition, corruption, arbitrariness of public officials, great share of shadow economy, adverse moral and psychological atmosphere, social divisions etc.

The political leaders have raised these issues, and the new government has to propose a program of comprehensive solutions.

Allow me to present the framework on which our joint program is based.


We live in a quickly evolving world.

Many observers characterize the present global changes as a crisis: in my opinion, we are eyewitnesses of the emergence of a qualitatively new world.

We have to answer the following question: which direction the world is moving in and what will it be like in five, ten, twenty years?

We should not imitate the experience of developed countries, instead we ought to study it and look ahead.


We live in an ever-contracting world, which means that the modern world is exercising ever greater influence on our life.

We must succeed in getting protected from negative influences by creating a broad framework for necessary and desirable cooperation.


Intellectual activity is a basic process in the modern world. This means that knowledge should be the basis of our society and economy. If we fail to learn to think in a new fashion and generate new knowledge, we will not be able to take up a worthy place in the modern world. The time has come to produce knowledge rather than goods. Our chief purpose is the formation of such economy as might be susceptible to take note of updated knowledge and generate new knowledge.


The spiritual and cultural assets' preservation is the sole reliable guarantee for the development of our nation. The question of coexistence between the States in the 21st century is shifting towards the field of dialogue and civilizations' competition. In this respect, we will face a competition between different visions rather than between nations. Our vision alias our civilization must be "he Armenian world."


Self-expression and self-realization constitute an objective need for a modern man. We should provide a framework necessary for the exercise of freedoms. "The Armenian world" should offer a competitive advantage for all Armenians' adequate self-expression in a dignified and genuine manner, irrespective of the place of his residence.

Thus, amidst today's geopolitical realities Armenia can succeed in competition only by means of "the Armenian world" which has a networked structure: we can strengthen the State if we strengthen "the Armenian world" and vice versa.

Our mottos are as follows: "from global thinking to concrete action," "from the vision of the future to the realization of specific projects."

Now let us see what line of conduct is to be assumed by the government?

Armenians appreciate fairness and justice. This is the most important quality of our nation. Should we treat unfairly the lowest of the low, our people will oppose injustice.

Therefore, we should not look for such details as used to divide us in the past, instead we should attempt to reveal cementing ideas in our vision of the future.

We shall be the ones to detect our failures and shortcomings and speak about them publicly.

We must be tough, resolute and fair, preach solidarity and cooperation.

Our government has launched five nationwide projects aimed at becoming:

- a center of excellence in terms of business environment,

- an educational center,

- a center of public health services,

- an organized holiday center,

- a financial center.

This means that it will be advantageous for both Armenian nationals and foreign citizens to get the high quality services of these centers.

Worldwide Armenians will be fully entitled to participate in the realization of the foregoing projects. Their involvement is an additional opportunity for demonstration and the strengthening of our national, spiritual, cultural unity.

It would be impossible to build a new world with outmoded tolls and methods.

Our projects overstep the boundaries of the Republic of Armenia. They will be carried out on the basis of public - private sector cooperation which implies joint development, approval and implementation of all decisions. Such approach is a true mechanism for the strengthening of mutual trust and synergy.

The incorporated potential of all Armenians is to become our competitive asset. It is the essence of "the Armenian world."

A first step towards the introduction of the ideology of "the Armenian world" has already been made. We have established the Council on National Competitiveness involving renowned State and public figures.

The ARF "Dashnaktsutyun" adheres to "the Armenian world" as part of the global network. Moreover, the ARF "Dashnaktsutyun" is among the competitive assets of the Armenian people on the arena of political competition of nations.

Dear colleagues, today a qualitatively new situation is up in Armenia.

Under the political leadership of the President of Republic Armenia, the coalition government has come to operate changes.

Our people's expectations give us a historical chance to carry out crucial projects together.

This hall hosts Armenians from different parts of the world.

We invite you to avail yourself of the historical chance and take a share in the implementation of said programs. We shall provide all the necessary support to this end.

For each of us this year has a special significance. In a few days all of us will be celebrating the 90th anniversary of those heroic May battles which contributed to the constitution of the First Republic of Armenia.

Like the year 1918, when the ARF "Dashnaktsutyun" was able to make a display of political will for the establishment of the First Republic, today as well, I am confident that political will has to be demonstrated in effort to build "the Armenian world" together amidst the lack of a fair society, public consent and mutual trust.

Thank you.