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Friday, 23 April 2021

Arsen Torosyan introduces Hovhannes Martirosyan to the staff of the Nature Protection and Subsoil Inspectorate; Follow-up steps to solve chronic problems were prioritized

Chief of Staff of the Office of the Prime Minister Arsen Torosyan introduced to the staff of the Nature Protection and Subsoil Inspectorate newly appointed inspectorate head Hovhannes Martirosyan. Head of the Office for Coordination of the Activities of Inspection Agencies Arthur Asoyan was in attendance.

Congratulating Hovhannes Martirosyan on appointment, Arsen Torosyan expressed hope that he would carry out this responsible work at the highest possible level, relying on the personnel and professional resources of the Authority.

“This is the second or third largest inspectorate in terms of workload. These areas relate to ordinary citizens, their livelihoods and businesses. It is crucial for us to find the right balance that will allow harmonize the interests of all beneficiaries by applying or even improving legislation,” the Chief of Staff of the Office of the Prime Minister said.

Arsen Torosyan expressed confidence that like other entities, this inspectorate may be facing specific challenges, including personnel-related problems. In this context, the Chief of Staff of the Office of the Prime Minister stressed the need for optimization. According to Mr. Torosyan, special attention should be paid to regional structures. “No matter how much we can concentrate the expert, professional capacity in Yerevan, we should ensure the availability of relevant specialists on the ground. Considering that the capital city is not so far away from the provinces in terms of time, Mr. Martirosyan, I expect you to pay frequent trips to the regions in order to inspect the ongoing activities and get a first-hand view on the ground. As a member of government, I understand that no matter how much we trust the staff, what we see on the spot sometimes proves to be different from the reports and videos received in the government. Therefore, I think it important for you to get personally involved in practicalities in the near future,” Arsen Torosyan said, noting that separate discussions will be held to address the shortfalls recorded in problematic spheres, such as mining and water use.

Arsen Torosyan prioritized work of inspection bodies with the authorized entities. “As a former minister who used to work with inspection agencies, I have often encountered a vicious phenomenon when the inspection bodies considered themselves competitors, sometimes even opponents to the authorized entities. I am categorically against that approach. Inspection bodies cannot be in competition with the authorized entities, on the contrary, they are supposed to enforce the laws and regulations developed by the authorized body, adopted by the Government or the National Assembly, by inflicting sanctions or issuing permits. I expect all inspection bodies to reconsider their approaches, if necessary. It is no coincidence that the plenipotentiaries, as well as members of other government departments, mainly at the level of deputy ministers, are represented on the boards of inspection bodies. It is not at all a formality. I know there are tips for inspectors that are more or less effective in dealing with different matters. We need to make sure that there is specific content in those tips. Mr. Martirosyan, Mr. Asoyan, I expect that you will act accordingly,” Arsen Torosyan concluded.

Thankful for trust and kind remarks, Hovhannes Martirosyan assured that he would invest all his experience, potential and opportunities to tackle the problems faced by his inspectorate. In turn, Artur Asoyan congratulated Hovhannes Martirosyan, noting that they had already discussed with him the Inspectorate’s current status, development prospects, the organization of field work pointed out by the Chief of Staff of the Office of the Prime Minister, and issues related to increased work efficiency.

Mr. Asoyan added that large-scale legislative reforms have been carried out in this sphere, special tools have been reserved for inspection bodies, and the time has come to live up to the expectations by recording tangible results.

Summing up the meeting, Arsen Torosyan expressed hope that there will be positive records within a very short time, the most important of which will be the solution of chronic problems. “Since when problems become chronic, we just get accustomed and we do not pay special attention to them. I am confident that we will be able to succeed if we properly diagnose the problems,” the Chief of Staff of the Office of the Prime Minister said.

May 2021