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Friday, 3 April 2020

Georgia has published instructions for movement of trucks

Georgia has published instruction for regulation of the movement of trucks across the territory of Georgia and it is presented below. SRC calls for drivers of trucks entering Armenia from Georgia to abide by the mentioned rules.

Movement on the territory of Georgia of trucks registered in a foreign country shall be carried out by fulfilling the following conditions:
 After completing procedures at the customs checkpoint, vehicles shall move to point of destination without stops (stopping is allowed at specially set up SPOT POINTS, at stations to purchase a certificate of compulsory insurance against civil liability and at parking lots situated at the customs checkpoint):
 At STOP POINTS a driver has a right to get fuel refill, purchase a card to use the road, clean up and get personal use items/groceries.
 In case adversities arise (breakdown of vehicles, health issues, etc.) drivers must contact the relevant services and remain in vehicle till they arrive. For these purposes one should call the Emergency and Operative Response Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at 112.
 Trucks must leave the territory of Georgia:
 within 24 hours after entering the country in case of transit movement (except for Kazbegi border checkpoint or moving in the direction of Kazbegi).
 within 48 hours after entering the country in other cases (including movement from Kazbegi border checkpoint or transit movement in the direction of Kazbegi).
 It is guaranteed that financial payment should be made through noncash payment (online purchases, plastic cars, etc.) and personal protective means should be used (medical masks, gloves, etc.).

 Specially set up STOP POINTS include:.
 Urbnisi: village of Urbnisi, district of Kareli, cadaster code:
 Terjola: village of Sitkarva, district of Terjola, cadaster code:
 Gori: village of Tiniskhidi, district of Gori, cadaster code:
 Zestafoni: village of Argveta, district of Zestafoni, cadaster code:

 The time required for customs clearance and stopping at parking lots set up at customs clearance checkpoints are not envisaged in the time frame prescribed for movement.
 In the event of violation of the above rules (except failing to complete assignments or cases where weather conditions or other external factors make it difficult and/or impossible to fulfill the conditions), drivers of vehicles will be imposed a fine of 3000 laris. Also, if a violation is related to movement time frames, vehicles must leave the territory of Georgia immediately, otherwise they will be quarantined for 14 days and their vehicles will be placed into a car pound.


June 2020