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Friday, 24 December 2004

Today RA Prime Minister Mr. A. Margaryan has been presented the Medal of Nansen for his fruitful public activities aimed at the affirmation of the principles of humanity and the condemnation of the Armenian Genocide, as well as for his personal contribution to the development of the national economy. The medal was handed in by Mr. Felix Bakhchinyan, President of the Friteuf Nansen Foundation.

In a statement made at the presentation of the medal, President of the National Academy of Sciences Fadey Sargsyan, Chairman of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, in recalling Nansen's boundless devotion to the people of Armenia and evoking different episodes of his humanitarian's mission, expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the RA Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made serious efforts at the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide. "The other peoples of the world need it more than Armenia as it will safeguard humanity against all kinds of conspiracies," - Mr. Sargsyan said in his address to the Prime Minister and added: "In attending the meeting of the state commission for the preparation of the 90th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, we all can see your dedication to the cause which aims at ensuring peace all over the world. I would like to offer you my heartfelt congratulations on this award and further say that this reflects credit on our people, too. I wish you robust health and every success in your future activities. On behalf of our scholars and scientists, I would like to assure you of our readiness to assist you in bringing to successful completion your initiative."

In introducing Mr. Andranik Margaryan as a statesman and public fugure, among his past activities conducted under the eagis of the National United Party for the establishment of a democratic and independent statehood followed by an active contribution to the nationwide struggle for the liberation of Artsakh and subsequent assumption of the high position of Prime Minister, Mr. Felix Bakhchinyan singled out Mr. Margaryan's Stockholm statement on the international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide, in which he had proposed to declare 2005 as the international year of remembrance of and fight against wars, genocides, displacements of peoples and violation of human rights.

"Honorable Mr. Prime Minister, in decorating you with the Medal of Nansen, we are confident that you have the full merit of it as in your person we see the statesman to be the champion of the historical heritage of our people, to pursue today's goals and commit yourself to the fulfillment of our future hopes," the chairman of the Foundation stated in conclusion.

In thanking the Friteuf Nansen Foundation and the Board of Trustees for such an honorific reward, Mr. A. Margaryan said that the 90th anniversary of the Genocide was expected to be commemorated with due emphasis and possibly at an international level and this reward was going to serve a strong impetus for the chairman and members of the state commission for the preparation of the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide to pursue their on-going activities. In his speech the Prime Minister also noted that by suggesting the international community to recognize and condemn the Armenian Genocide, we were offering our assistance to the peoples of the world in preventing and putting an end to the acts of violence in the world which subsequently took the nations and States several hundreds of years to eliminate the consequencies of such the evil of genocide.

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