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Monday, 31 July 2017

PM inspects construction of Vedi Reservoir and holds consultation in Ararat Marz

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan traveled to Ararat Marz on July 29. The Head of Government called at the construction site of Vedi Reservoir to get acquainted with the ongoing activities. The Premier talked with the program managers and builders. The construction of the reservoir is an important step in ensuring reliable irrigation on about 7500 hectares of land in Ararat Valley and the development of agriculture, as well as for the restoration of the ecological balance of Lake Sevan.

Chairman of State Water Committee Arsen Harutyunyan reported that with the development of the reservoir it would be possible to save 18 million cubic meters of Lake Sevan water, which will be used in new areas. It is expected to have 2800 hectares of new irrigated land. Arsen Harutyunyan informed that the Vedi Reservoir’s total capacity was originally 29.4 million cubic meters, but owing to extra work, the annual capacity will be increased by 2.5 million cubic meters. The reservoir water will flow through the free flows of the Vedi and Khosrov rivers beyond the irrigation period.

Two dams will be built for Vedi Reservoir with a bowl surface of 120 hectares. The € 90 million-worth project for the construction of the reservoir and irrigation system is implemented through borrowed funds available from the French Development Agency and with the co-financing of the Government of Armenia. The construction of the Vedi reservoir and supporting structures started in March, 2017. According to those responsible, it is possible to save time, as a result of which works will be completed by mi-2020. 150 new jobs will be created during the project implementation.

Chaired by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, a consultative meeting was held in Ararat town of Ararat Marz to discuss Marz and community development programs. Ararat Marz Governor Aramayis Grigoryan presented a summary report on the socioeconomic situation in the region and key indicators. According to him, the share of the region in the country’s GDP is about 6.3%. The volume of industrial production stood at about 178,975 million drams in 2016. Gross agricultural output rose to nearly AMD 132,900 million. Some 18,507.4 hectares of agricultural crops were sown in the region, or 73.5% of arable lands were used.

Works on the construction of greenhouses, greenhouses and refrigeration facilities, as well as intensive gardens have been activated. The province has one large community, Urtsadzor. Community electronic passports have been developed and prepared by all communities, which include information on the socio-economic situation in the community and investment opportunities.

The Governor noted that the following priority areas were identified for 2017: organization of production and procurement of agricultural products, preparations for the irrigation season and ensuring uninterrupted water supply, identification and inventory of the most urgent urban development problems faced by individual communities, enhancing access to general education and ensuring equal access to education, healthcare development and improved service quality.

15 investment projects worth AMD 1,966 million have been submitted to the Government. 2 projects due to be implemented in the town of Vedi - construction of garbage sorting plant and expansion of a slaughterhouse in Masis (857.5 million drams) – have already been approved. The other projects are under discussion. According to Aramayis Grigoryan, by the end of the year, investment programs worth 72.6 billion drams using public and private funds will be completed in Ararat Marz by this yearend in the fields of greenhouse economy, intensive gardens, light industry, road construction and other spheres.
In the first half of this year, the communities’ own revenue plan was fulfilled by 35.9%, otherwise last year’s performance was fulfilled by 112.2%, which means 93.2 million drams in additional receipts.

The Governor further noted that in accordance with the Prime Minister’s instruction, more own revenue has been planned for 2017 against last year’s target: 22.6% or AMD 415 million up. As a result of the works carried out in the region during the nationwide clean-up of May 27 within the framework of the Clean Armenia Program, 217 out of 260 landfills were eliminated and state support is needed to eliminate the remaining 43.

After asking for further details about revenue collection, garbage collection tariffs, per capita income and so on, Prime Minister Karapetyan noted that there were disproportions and disparities in the region as compared to other communities and Marzes.

“Our surveys have shown that instead of the proposed 2.1 billion drams in Ararat Marz own revenue should actually be 3.8-3.9 billion drams. You have great opportunities and 10-15% growth seems to be insufficient. Also, you have too many imbalances. You should settle this issue very quickly,” Karen Karapetyan underscored.

The Prime Minister was informed about the situation in the spheres of agriculture, healthcare, education, waste management, investments in Ararat province and the work to be done to solve the existing problems. Touching upon the promotion of business programs, the Head of Government stressed the importance of active contacts with our compatriots abroad.

“New ideas and projects, logical in business terms, should be developed, including intensive gardens, drip irrigation systems, agricultural machinery, light industry, and more. You have to be more objective in order to involve the Ararat Marz natives living abroad, which in turn will bring about a new wave of investment,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

Speaking about the reforms in the healthcare system, Karen Karapetyan attached importance to the steps envisaged in the system of State order. The Prime Minister emphasized that there is a huge “black hole” in the system, which makes that starting next year, the allocation of State order will be based on two main principles: compulsory audits and clearing of the commercial component.

A number of other issues were discussed during the meeting, on which the Prime Minister gave relevant instructions.

December 2020