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Thursday, 20 October 2016

PM Issues Instructions on Transport, Licensing, Subsoil, JACES Activities

A Cabinet meeting was held today, chaired by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan.

Before proceeding to the agenda, the Prime Minister gave instructions relating to a number of sectors. “Transport - the problem of public transportations in rural areas remains topical. In view of the above, I order the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development to study the issue with Marz Governors, but not limited to transport services in villages not far from Yerevan. In particular, you must submit a list of those settlements where transport services are not provided at all, indicating the reasons and formulating positive recommendations for a final settlement of the above-mentioned problems.

Licensing - under the applicable law, there are some types of licenses exclusively available to legal persons. It is realistic to provide certain types of licenses to legal persons electronically, using the already established infrastructure. I am instructing the public agencies concerned to explore the possibility of issuing exclusively online licenses to legal entities and submit proposals.

Subsoil - I give 3 weeks to the Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources to submit a comprehensive analysis of the current situation in the mining sector, covering the permits granted by deposit type, the fulfillment of contractual obligations pursuant to the authorizations provided, the legal instruments applied against those companies in breach of their contractual obligations and the enforcement mechanisms.

For long time now, the population is dissatisfied with the activities of the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service. In particular, they relate to the problems encountered in the compulsory enforcement of administrative penalties for violation of traffic rules. For example, citizens’ financial assets are attached without due notification and so on.

I hereby instruct the Minister of Justice to take all measures necessary to ensure that enforcement proceedings are launched only in accordance with the requirements of the applicable law; submit quarterly reports as to which public organs have submitted illegitimate acts for enforcement. I give you a month to submit a proposal for ensuring due notification of debtors in the case of seizure or attachment of their property through e-mail, small and medium-size, and so on.”

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan instructed Minister-Chief of Government Staff David Haroutunyan to summarize the assignments given at the previous sessions.

The Government established a procedure to follow in granting short-term permits for professional activities to such foreign medical workers as may be invited by Armenia-based organizations. The decision specifies a procedure for granting permission to foreign medical workers on short-term professional practice, the term of the permit, the documents needed for submitting an application and the grounds for refusal of the application.

The Government next approved the December 2, 2015 protocols on Armenia’s accession to the December 23, 2014 agreement “On common principles and rules of drugs circulation within the Eurasian Economic Union” and the December 23, 2014 agreement “On common principles and rules of circulation of medical products (medical products and medical equipment) within the Eurasian Economic Union.”
The reference note says that Armenia needs to adhere to the aforementioned international instruments in order to develop economic cooperation, expand trade and economic ties, ensure the availability of safe and efficacious medicines, as well as to forge a common market drugs within the Eurasian Economic Union.

The meeting approved a bill on amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure to streamline the merger of criminal cases and, therefore, a more effective implementation of investigation.

The Government approved a set of amendments to the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia and two other legal acts with a view to introducing the institute of re-domiciliation in Armenia. Re-domiciliation is a simplified process and does not require dissolution of legal entities.

The meeting approved a proposal to sign a series of agreements: “CIS-member States cooperation in motoring industry,” “CIS-member States cooperation in mining industry,” “CIS-member States cooperation in the field of consumers’ legal awareness,” “CIS-member States cooperation in countering the production and distribution of counterfeit products.”

In conclusion, the Government endorsed RA National Assembly’s report on application of the provisions of the convention “On measures to prohibit and prevent the illegal import, export and transfer of ownership of cultural values” as adopted by the UNESCO in 1970.

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