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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Prime Minister issues instructions on consumer rights, privatized assets, territorial development, procurement, governance and organization

A regular Cabinet meeting was held today, chaired by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan.

Before proceeding to the agenda, the Prime Minister congratulated the newly appointed ministers - Healthcare Minister Levon Altunyan, Economy Minister Suren Karayan, Culture Minister Armen Amiryan, Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan, Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Hrachya Rostomyan. The Head of Government thanked them for accepting the invitation of cooperation.

Then Karen Karapetyan issued instructions for relevant government agencies and departments. “During the recent meetings held with representatives of the Union of Consumers and Businesses, much has been talked about the activities of the State Food Security Service." addressing Minister of Agriculture I. Arakelyan, the Prime Minister continued, “I am now giving you the following assignment: follow up on the matter considering the aforementioned concerns and grievances and suggest whether the laboratory is to be part of the SFSS or it should be a standalone entity. I am looking forward to your recommendation.

Secondly: we have assets privatized since many years - assets that are at standstill. I instruct the ministries of Economy, Finance, Territorial Administration and Development to primarily draw up an inventory, develop and submit a systemic proposal on economic, legal, institutional on other mechanisms for the promotion of unused assets. We all understand that we need to activate and motivate owners to try to use these assets.

Thirdly, as far as procurement is concerned, we need to streamline procurements. I instruct the Minister-Chief of Staff to look into the possibility of introducing a mechanism of centralized procurement and submit a proposal as to which goods and services are appropriate for centralized procurement.

At the same time, you should suggest procurement mechanisms. We have several entities in charge of procurements, and I feel that we can develop a more manageable system to reduce costs regulate prices.

Fourthly, I assign all executive agencies to review the appropriateness of the activities of affiliated State non-commercial organizations (SNCO) and submit recommendations on optimization in terms of reducing the number of SNCOs.

SNCO activities should be substantiated and justified to rule out any overlap in functions. You must be too tough in this matter; everything is to be rethought, and any enny should serve its purpose.

Fifthly, the same applies to those project implementation units (PIU) involved in the procurement process. I instruct the ministers of Sport and Youth Affairs, Emergency Situations, Culture and Urban Development to discuss within a week’s time and submit proposals on liquidation of PIUs under your jurisdiction.

The sixth priority is to ensure equal territorial and economic development. I instruct the minister of Territorial Administration and Development, in collaboration with the ministers of Economy, Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, Education, Labor and Social Affairs, Transport, Agriculture, Energy and Natural Resources, to examine the thematic areas specified in the 2017 State budget bill and submit recommendations within a month’s period on harmonization with the Government’s strategy of regional development.

My seventh directive is that the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development should review within a three week’s time the methodology of developing and managing the five-year program of community development with a view to setting measurable requirements for community development projects.

These documents should ensure economic development on the spot. The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development shall be responsible for practical application of the proposed activities. All necessary steps must be taken to ensure that five-year community development programs are designed in accordance with the new methodology.”

The Government approved the 2017 State budget bill of the Republic of Armenia. The Minister of Finance was instructed to amend the bill as necessary and submit to the Government Staff, after which it will be submitted to the National Assembly in the manner prescribed by law.

In this connection, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan stated in part. “We have drafted a pretty tough budget plan for 2017: the figures speak for themselves. We envisage 70 billion drams in increased revenue and a 100 billion cutback in expenditure. All those concerns voiced about sound and cost-effective management are quite relevant. "

The meeting approved a set of amendments to the law “On Securities Market” and a number of other laws and legal acts in a bid develop and promote the derivative financial instruments market.

The Government also approved the draft statutory law “On Political Parties in the Republic of Armenia.” The proposed amendments are meant to facilitate the founding and registration of political parties, establish legal guarantees against unjustified refusal of State registration of political parties, streamline the legal arrangement of suspension, specify the negative effects resulting from the suspension and prohibition of political parties and, finally, provide equal and non-discriminatory conditions for unimpeded implementation of political activities.

The meeting next approved a consular registration procedure for RA citizens, as well as the authorized entity and the manner in which information about citizens will be provided to the central register. The decision seeks to streamline and facilitate the consular registration of outbound individuals. Citizens will be able to get registered from anywhere visiting the appropriate website.

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