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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

PM Offers Season’s Greetings to Media Representatives

On the occasion of New Year and Christmas, Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan hosted a festive reception for media representatives at the Conference Hall of the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

For extensive coverage of the activities of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, as well as for close cooperation, Prime Minister Abrahamyan awarded nominal watches and Prime Minister’s diplomas to a number of mass media representatives.

Congratulating those present on New Year’s holidays, the Head of Government stated in part:

“Dear journalists and colleagues,

As Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, every year on New Year’s Eve, I meet with different representatives of society to discuss the achievements and shortcomings recorded during the outgoing year and schedule steps to take in the coming year. I must honestly say that one of the most anticipated meetings for me is meeting with you – mass media representatives. I am confident that meetings held in a relaxed atmosphere provide a good opportunity for an outspoken conversation, which is important for me, and hopefully for you, too.

Today, against the setback of various information flows, the higher is media outlets’ professionalism, impartiality and political courage to present facts and events, the most they are sought after in society.

I cannot agree with such publications as seem to be biased and ill-reasoned. I have a feeling of bitterness as I come across clearly biased publications, devoid of any reasoning, even if they do not affect my person.

I can assure you that no subjective and biased publication addressed to my most radical opponent has ever pleased to me. Such publications are regretfully casting a shadow on our press, which I consider one of the greatest achievements of independence.

Dear media representatives,

Together we have come a long way. I can confidently say that fair, well-grounded and impartial criticism is crucial for any government to remain vigilant and feel the pulse of society. I myself have always learned from objective criticism. Any politician gets stronger by drawing sensible conclusions from compassionate and competent criticism. There is a famous saying: laws rule the country.

It is up to politicians to provide for law enforcement. Society and public opinion are the ones to oversee politicians. Public opinion cannot be shaped but through impartial and professional press. That is how important your mission is. A professional and responsible press is powerful indeed; it represents a power that can make the innocent guilty and the guilty –innocent.

Dear journalists,

I assure you that none of the problems you raised has ever escaped my attention. My working day starts with a reference to your publications. I am grateful in that many of your publications could reveal some underlying problems and helped me address them, as Prime Minister. I hope that our joint work will be based on mutual understanding and trust, so that we could identify the real problem, without making of unreasoned news sensation of the day.

Our country faces many sensitive challenges, both internal and external. Today more than ever, each of us should treat the work done by us with twice as much responsibility.

Any carelessly spoken and written word can cause irreparable harm. Think about it. Let us think, because I am sure that you all love this country and our common goal that is to have a competitive country in a fairly structured, prosperous and civilized world.

I wish a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas. It is my sincere belief that together we can achieve our goals.”

August 2020