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Monday, 2 June 2014

PM Expects Proactive Foreign Economic Policy from Armenian Diplomats

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan attended a gathering of leaders of the central apparatus of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic missions and consular posts, which was held at the sport-concert complex after Karen Demirchyan in Yerevan.

Hovik Abrahamyan introduced upcoming programs and activities to be undertaken by the Government to develop different spheres of Armenia’s economy, addressed the expectations from our diplomats as to economic policy.

“Armenia is committed to its obligations, and our political team headed by the President of the Republic has the necessary will and commitment to guarantee the implementation of international commitments of Armenia. On the basis of the President’s foreign policy goals, the Government will defend our national interests in the international arena, strengthen the component of external security, regional stability, security and development, the establish the necessary and favorable external conditions and guarantees for our country’s economic development, provide for Armenia’s broader international involvement,” Hovik Abrahamyan said, addressing the heads of diplomatic missions and consular posts.

According to the Prime Minister, the Government will enhance proactive foreign trade policy, complementary relationships with all partners to the best economic integration possibilities. In particular, he means Armenia’s accession to the Eurasian Customs Union, and the formation of a new legal format of cooperation with the European Union.

Hovik Abrahamyan noted that the provision by the EU of the generalized system of preferences will make Europe more attractive to domestic exporters by encouraging the export of Armenian products to Europe. At the same time, according to the Prime Minister, the integration in the Eurasian Customs Union will create an exceptional opportunity for European investors to get easy access to the Eurasian market in a more simplified form, considering the fact that Armenia is closest to Europe among the CIS countries in terms of economic freedom and the application of market rules.

“Currently Armenia’s economy is the most liberal and attractive to foreign investors. In this respect, I attach great importance to the vital effort toward enhancing Armenia’s investment image in the international arena, increasing its standing as a country offering vast investment opportunities through cross-country investment forums, business conferences, as well as by means of awareness raising campaigns mediating the most reputable financial and business media.

Of primary importance also is the coordinated effort toward developing relationship with international economic and financial structures, ensuring energy security, unlocking and diversifying our transport routes, identifying new markets for the export of domestic products.

At this point, our economic relations with many friendly countries fall behind our political relations, which fact is obviously due to certain passivity, lack of initiative or poor awareness. Therefore, it is crucial for our diplomats to carry out focused, coordinated and consistent,” the head of government said.

As Prime Minister pointed out, it seems to be necessary to tackle the formation of mutually beneficial trade and economic and business cooperation, the outcome of which should be visible in the near future. Interregional cooperation programs are central in terms of deepening trade and economic relations, as well as broadening the political dialogue with partner countries.

Hovik Abrahamyan, assured that the Government will create all the necessary conditions for the effectiveness of these programs and increase the number of joint ventures of regional character. The Prime Minister called on the diplomats to pay particular attention to the issue of ensuring accurate and targeted circulation of the information submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Armenia’s regions and cities with a view to developing mutually beneficial cooperation with administrative-territorial units of different countries.

At the same time, the head of government pointed to the need to deepen and enhance cooperation between the Foreign Ministry and those public agencies responsible for external economic relations in order to provide foreign investors with as much information as possible on our country’s business opportunities and investment conditions.

According to Hovik Abrahamyan, the work of the interdepartmental task force on developing activities aimed at promoting and strengthening foreign economic relations needs extra impetus. The Premier noted meanwhile that the key issue of executive power is to ensure the further development of cooperation between Armenia and the Diaspora.

Hovik Abrahamyan highlighted the importance of combining the programs of assistance with those of active business support and different other projects in order to create such an environment that might encourage and promote investment in the development of Armenia.

“The Government has declared a priority objective the activities aimed at ensuring our citizens’ freedom, security, and well-being. In this regard, I attach particular importance to the protection of the rights and interests of Armenia’s citizens and legal entities abroad, which may largely contribute to continuity in those reforms aimed at simplifying the procedures provided by the Foreign Ministry’s consular services. Special attention should be given to the Foreign Ministry’s improved capacity in providing the needed support and expert advice to our compatriots in emergency situations,” the Prime Minister said.

Hovik Abrahamyan, assured that the Government will take all possible means to ensure greater effectiveness of Armenian diplomatic missions and provide necessary assistance.

In conclusion, an exchange of views took place over the priorities voiced by the Prime Minister, at which various proposals were submitted.

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