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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Luys Foundation Calls On All Armenians To Rally For Education

Luys Foundation addressed the Armenian world with a motto of “Through education to life” in a bid to raise funds for educational purposes.

During an event held at Sardarapat memoria as attended by Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, Foundation manager Jacqueline Karaaslanyan noted that 10 dollars donated by every Armenian will make USD100m a year to form a basis for Luys Foundation’s viability by 2015.

According to the Prime Minister, today’s gathering has a great meaning: a movement is being launched to reach every Armenian hearth and family, regardless of the place of residence: “We want to unite all Armenians under the auspices of the Fund. In the 21st century, the best form of unity is the dissemination of knowledge and ideas. The symbol of knowledge and the love of education can bring us together. We are convinced that this is the right strategy, because in the 21st century, the Armenian nation can only be competitive if educated, if our young people receive the best education in the world. It is our goal and to achieve it we need all those who attach great importance to the education of our young generation, to unite around this idea,” Tigran Sargsyan said.

The head of government noted that there is a desire to build up a large fund, which will be used exclusively to finance the education of talented Armenian youth.

In Tigran Sargsyan’s conviction, this is an initiative toward the future. “We have to build a future in order to be worthy of our ancestors. We are convinced that any Armenian attaches great importance to education as they are aware that in this way we can gain a competitive advantage. Currently the foundation has 260 beneficiaries who had the opportunity to study in the best universities of the world. A minimum goal is to double our capacity, especially as the foundation enjoys a wealth of public trust especially among students who want to get the best education,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

According to the head of the executive power, they want to get this idea through to Armenians worldwide.

“The start of the fundraising is being announced today, with the students themselves being the organizers and implementers of it. Trust them and you will see that in a few years we will all be proud of common achievements,” Tigran Sargsyan declared.

According to Tigran Sargsyan, if we rally around the values underlying the ideology of the Armenian world, our unity will be strong and everlasting. “We are making every effort so that the Armenian people may have its rightful place in the 21st century, which is derived from our history, in tune with the dreams of our ancestors and eyes the future. In this regard, I am convinced that the Armenian nation has a competitive advantage, because for many centuries we have been abiding by such values as indicate our intellectual wealth. I am convinced that the mission of the Foundation will have a tenfold return of which we will all be proud years later,” the Premier said.

After the Prime Minister’s statement, the students presented their activities in both the public and private sectors.

Note that each year Luys Foundation opens the doors of top 10 universities of the world before hundreds of young Armenians.

The event was attended by Luys Foundation’s academic board members, partners, alumni and their junior partners.

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