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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Industrial zone to be set up in Syunik

It is possible that an industrial zone will be set up in Syunik, where the formed companies will have one common goal, to identify the potential that Armenia has in agriculture, light industry and other fields. The Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan made this statement during the Armenian-Iranian business forum held in Iran on October 26, adding that the creation of such a zone will make the construction works of the railway more efficient as it will be an additional incentive for the private sector – to make investments in the construction works of the railway. “Our entrepreneurs raised a number of problems about the work of the customs services these days, that’s why we’ve invited the head of the Iranian customs service to visit Armenia and discuss issues about the efficiency of the cooperation in this field with the Armenian counterparts”, said the prime minister, highlighting the proposal made by the Iranian partners which suggests making a single customs gate. As the prime minister of Armenia explained, it means that the economic entities will communicate with the customs clearance process’ organizers only once, which implies that relevant infrastructures should be created between the customs services of the two countries, rules should be approved that will be available to all the business entities.
“There is a need for our Iranian partners to have a better understanding of the legislation of Armenia, while our businessmen need to present the Iranian legislation more detailed to confirm economic relations. It is obvious that we have lack of such information during these meetings, and we think they the gap can be filled by the Commercial Chambers of our two countries”, said Tigran Sargsyan expressing will to provide the Chamber of Commerce of Armenia with additional powers for the easy implementation of the customs clearance procedures. The prime minister said that Armenia and Iran historically have had good relations and the relations established between the two countries and the high-level political dialogue has made an urgent problem, according to which the economic potential of our countries should be disclosed too.
“In our trade volume Iran ranks only the seventh, in the case when our estimates show that it is possible to increase this state significantly and organize such a trade that will be more advantageous economically. Efforts will be made also for tourism development. Our tour agencies here have to take steps for presenting our country’s fascination”, said Tigran Sargsyan.
Armenian-Iranian cooperation will be extended in the fields of education too. It is planned to create a center of Armenian studies in the state university of Tehran and a center of Islamic studies in the Yerevan state university.
The president of the Iranian mines and the Chamber of commerce and industry Mohammad Nahavandian emphasized that importance of the Armenian delegation’s visit to Iran, noting that he had just returned from Armenia and that the intensity of intense ideas’ exchange is very necessary.
“The issues that were discussed during these two days are on the list of Iran’s preferences.
We want to establish friendly relations with our neighboring countries and in this sense we will make all the efforts to find common grounds for cooperation,”
said Mohammad Nahavandian. He also found it important to create an industrial zone which will help to register success in many areas of the economy. “As a result we will increase the profits and reduce the wastes,” said Mohammad Nahavandian.

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