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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Tigran Sargsyan: “Political leaders should abide by the values embraced”

In the frescos hall of Armenia’s National Gallery, Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan attended the presentation of a book written by Wilfred Martens, founding member and president of the European People’s Party, ex-premier of the Kingdom of Belgium, entitled “Europe: I am struggling, I am overcoming.”

In anticipation of the event, Tigran Sargsyan had a private meeting with Mr. Martens. In is opening remarks, the Prime Minister stated in part: “In his book Mr. Martens evokes a key principle dear to me, namely true life begins at the moment we realize our responsibility for freedom. This idea contains 3 important components - consciousness, responsibility and freedom - which must go hand in hand. Strong with this deep belief, political figures can lead their nations toward prosperity. Crucial are the values evoked in this book and trusted in by the author: adherence to freedom, equality, justice, solidarity, democracy, inter-religious and intercultural mutual understanding. Noteworthy is Angela Merkel’s opinion of the work done by the author: “All his life has been dedicated to the embodiment of these ideas. He was able to unite people in the spirit of Christianity and democracy.” Tolerance and the ability of uniting people are among the author’s chief characteristics to which he returns on several occasions in his book.

I feel this key principle should be highlighted against the regional problems, if all the peoples in our region are to live in peace and prosperity. It is obvious to me that the Christian principle of cooperation and cohesion is in the best interest of our peoples. Mr. Martens has been trying to introduce Christian values in politics. This is a success story which gets relish in the book as in fact politics has to be based on true values. Dangerous are those politicians and movements concealing their values and their vision of the future.

Subsequently the public may check up on the principles proclaimed by such political figures or movements. I do believe that as a success story, Mr. Martens can be a true leader in this respect. This book may be a young politician’s manual insofar as it teaches them how to organize political life and political career. Once again, I congratulate and welcome our guest to Armenia by wishing that his book was a reminder for our political figures to keep by the values embraced. This is the key to success.”

Mr. Martens came up with a vote of thanks and briefed those present on his vision of a future Europe based on Christian values.

Other keynote speakers were the head of EU delegation in Armenia, Ambassador Raul Lutzenberger and chair of RA National Assembly European Integration Commission Ms. Naira Zohrabyan.

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