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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The government commission established on the occasion of the demise of Merited Artist of the Republic of Armenia, State prize- winner, prose-writer Aghassi Aivazyan informs that a funeral service for Aghassi Aivazyan will be held on November 23, starting from 17:00, at Sundukian 15/2, apt. 18.

On November 24, between 12:00 and 14:00, the last farewell will be bid to the renowned writer at the House of Chamber Music, as followed by the ceremony of burial in the municipal pantheon of Yerevan.

* * *

Modern Armenian culture has suffered an irreversible loss. Outstanding writer and film producer, State and international prize-winner, Merited Artist of the Republic of Armenia, honorary citizen of Yerevan Aghassi Aivazyan has died.

Aghassi Aivazyan was born in 1925 in Akhaltsikha (Georgia). He studied at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts and at the philological department of the University. Having moved to Yerevan, he studied at the Fine Arts and Theater Institute, then at the Institute of Physical Training (1945-1948).

He ushered into the galaxy of the Armenian Literature in a period when the talented generation of last 60s was making its first and originally distinctive steps by bringing in a new artistic thinking and reconsidered perceptions of the inner man and national values. From the very outset, Aghassi Aivazyan found and booked his own and unmistakable place in this brilliant squad of individualities. His highly artistic short stories and novels (The Head of Family - 1965, Parahamar - 1973, The Adventures of Signor Martiros - 1977, Diplipito -1985 and others) were translated into several foreign languages to promote the universal recognition of the Armenian prose. They revealed an original world where reality and fiction, ancestors and contemporaries, the national dream and the hardships of everyday life are closely interlaced.

It is not a mere chance that most of our people's favorite movies are based on his literary works, inclusive of ''The triangle'' - a major achievement of modern Armenian cinematic art - which was filmed in 1967, ''Father'' (1972) and other films. As a film producer, too, Aghassi Aivazyan has left a remarkable trace in the skies of the Armenian movie art: (Lyrical Procession - 1982, as filmed in association with L. Isahakyan, Burning Icon Lamp - 1983 and so on). Over fifteen movies have been made in ''Haifilm'' and Moscow's film studios based on his scripts. As editor-in-chief, Aghassi Aivazyan used to lead appreciable activities in the cultural press - ''Ekran'' review and ''Haiutyun'' periodical.

Aghassi Aivazyan's services were assessed at their true worth by the State and the public. He was awarded State prizes in 1967 and 1975. In 2002, Aghassi Aivazyan was presented an award on the part of the President of the Republic of Armenia. In 1998, he was decorated with Mesrop Mashtotz Medal. In 2005, he was conferred upon Surb Sahak and Surb Mesrop Order on the part of the Catholicos of All-Armenians. From the heights of his originally philosophical thinking, where his personal perceptions of the Armenian destiny were reflected, Aghassi Aivazyan used to have an optimistic view over the future day of our sovereign statehood-engineering people as evidenced by the great multitude of his essays and journalistic writings. Aghassi Aivazyan's ever-lasting work, his literary and cinematographic contribution will be reserved a special place in our art treasury.

Government Commission Established

On Passing Away of Republic of Armenia Merited Artist

State Prize-Winner, Prose-Writer Aghassi Aivazyan

October 2020