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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

RA Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan received the delegation led by President of the Worldwide Armenian Congress and Union of Armenians of Russia Ara Abramyan.

Greeting the members of the delegation, the Prime Minister noted that those in Armenia have always followed with interest the activities of the Worldwide Armenian Congress and the Union of Armenians of Russia. As he said, Motherland's and Diaspora's efforts towards having a strong State and a strong Diaspora were in full accord, and it should be stated that the cooperation in pursuit of this goal was developing quite successfully. Serzh Sargsyan emphasized that Armenia had few natural resources, with the primary wealth consisting in its well-educated, hardworking, ingenious people. The only way of adding value to this potential of Armenians is to build a democratic Armenia with liberal economy and efficacious army. The Prime Minister noted with satisfaction that this was the line pursued by the leadership and membership of Worldwide Armenian Congress and the Union of Armenians of Russia. Attaching great value to the development of Armenia-Diaspora collaboration in defiance of those challenges facing our State and people, the head of the Armenian government stressed at the same time that, unfortunately, much of Diaspora's potential remained unused, while there were vast opportunities available which as combined with targeted efforts were sure to yield appreciable results. Among the specific steps, planned in this direction, the Prime Minister noted the importance of our State's more active participation in the programs carried out both in Armenia and Diaspora, especially regarding the preservation of the Armenian identity which, in his opinion, not only was susceptible to stimulate benefactors to charitable deeds, but also to promote the growth of confidence in the State within the business circles. He similarly informed the guests about the plans on creation of a State agency immediately in charge of Diaspora's affairs, as well as the establishment of an All-Armenian bank with the participation of the State.

Serzh Sargsyan expressed confidence that by having a powerful Diaspora closely tied up with the Motherland, it would be possible to defy most of those heavy challenges facing the nation.

Thanking the Prime Minister for the high estimation given to the activity of the Armenian organizations of Diaspora and, in particular, to that of the Union of Armenians of Russia, Ara Abramyan expressed himself for the benefit of more effective utilization of Diaspora's potentialities. In presenting the recent programs carried out by the Union of Armenians of Russia in Armenia and the NKR in the spheres of agriculture, housing construction, public health care, education, science, culture etc., he said that it was time to proceed to business activities with Homeland. In this context, he mentioned some of the anticipated programs, including the initiative of organizing a broad economic forum. He further suggested setting up a panel in cooperation with the RA Government to provide a framework for the discussion of a wide array of issues bearing on the eventual assistance with the implementation different projects and relevant practicalities.

Highly appreciative of the Prime Minister's and GoA's commitment to closer cooperation with the Armenian organizations of Diaspora, Ara Abramyan said that in this case it would be hard for the organizations and entrepreneurs of Diaspora to keep themselves aloof from the programs of support to Homeland. He assured that the business circles of Diaspora would do everything to meet Motherland's expectations. According to him, the guarantee for Diaspora's survival consisted in the presence of a powerful Homeland - a strong Armenian State.

During the meeting, the heads of the Armenian communities of Diaspora, too, expressed readiness to strengthen the Armenia-Diaspora linkages and came up with proposals concerning various cooperation-related issues. Vice-President of the Union of Armenians of Georgia, member of the bureau of the general council of the Worldwide Armenian Congress Van Baiburdyan thanked the Prime Minister and the Government of Armenia for the assistance provided to the Armenians of Georgia and Djavakhk, in particular, inclusive of its cultural and educational centers. Welcoming the idea of establishing a State agency in charge of Diaspora's affairs, deputy head of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party, member of the general council of the Worldwide Armenian Congress Yervand Azatyan said that it would promote the strengthening of the existing ties between different Armenian communities and Homeland, as well as the coordination of the activities of said communities to the benefit of our all-national goals.

At the end of the meeting, Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan wished every success to all of the Armenian organizations of Diaspora in their efforts towards the preservation of the Armenian identity abroad and the furtherance of cooperation between Homeland and Diaspora for the sake of the Armenian statehood.

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