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Monday, 11 June 2007

RA Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan received the delegation led by Chief Executive Director of Millenium Challenge Corporation Ambassador John Danilovich.

The Prime Minister said to be highly appreciative of the MCC-GoA cooperation and the assistance programs which are supposed to stimulate reforms and help solve issues of utmost importance to our country.

John Danilovich, too, emphasized the cooperation between the governments of Armenia and the USA and expressed satisfaction at its current status by pointing out to the progress made in the execution of those programs carried out under the Compact signed between the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the Millenium Challenge Corporation. The MCC CEO valued the efforts made by U.S. Charge d'Affaires Anthony Godfree and MCA Director Alex Rasin by noting that the proper level of Corporation's representation in Armenia would be a strong incentive for the ongoing activities.

Ambassador Danilovich briefed the Prime Minister on the forthcoming programs of the Corporation, the discussions on the prospects of the MCC programs held with Democratic Party representatives, who constitute a majority in the Congress. He advised that while the initiative of granting financial help to countries meeting specific criteria under the Millenium Challenge Program belongs to U.S. President Georges Bush, nevertheless, congressmen-democrats have expressed readiness to keep the program going on the principles acceptable for them and added that the Armenian program was considered as a good one. In stating the details of his talks with congressmen, John Danilovich informed that in an effort to ensure proper implementation of all program components, he had sought their support as to an eventual extension of the 5-year program should some activities fall behind schedule. The other issue, taken up with congressmen-democrats, consisted in the possibility of concluding an interim agreement within these five years.

According to Ambassador Danilovich, upon congressmen's approval, it will be possible to sign a second agreement and attract additional resources in future, if the first program proves to be successful and the political, economic and social indicators of the country are above the average, This scenario, in the opinion of Ambassador Danilovich, will give an additional stimulus to the implementation of reforms.

John Danilovich also touched upon the May 12 parliamentary elections in Armenia, emphasizing that their results were extremely important to the Corporation. "It was necessary for us that these elections were much better and were given a favorable consideration testifying that the tendency was positive, and we very much want that it was continued," - John Danilovich said and added that Armenia was an important country to the USA with numerous congressmen taking great interest in the developments in Armenia. He further mentioned that the reform-oriented measures implemented by the Armenian authorities deserved high appreciation. According to him, the government of Armenia should continue making efforts towards economic liberalization, investing into human resources which, in case of Congress approval, were susceptible to be further supported and expanded.

Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan stated with confidence that the next elections would be better and the reforms would be given as much attention. On this way, the Prime Minister emphasized the assistance received from friendly countries and donor-organizations that would help solve the existing problems more effectively and in shorter terms. He noted that our people had specific expectations in connection with the implementation the MCA-Armenia program and that the Government was ready to do its utmost to make people feel the impact the reforms in the nearest future.

Ambassador Danilovich expressed quite a high opinion of Armenia's properly developed program proposals which, as he said, were sufficiently well-structured to facilitate program implementation. He thanked the Prime Minister for perfect management of the proceedings of the Governing Council.

The MCC CEO further informed that on June 27, 2007, he was scheduled to report to the MCC Board membership the outcomes of his present visit and the course of program performance. In November, 2007, the Corporation will obtain from corresponding organizations all the necessary information about program participants. John Danilovich expressed hope that Armenia would be assigned a well-deserved place on the list of participants.

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