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Thursday, 8 June 2023

Mobile transport offices of the Probation Service will be introduced in some regions of the Republic of Armenia

Chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Khachatryan, the regular Cabinet meeting took place today.

Mobile transport offices of the Probation Service will be introduced in some regions of the Republic of Armenia. the Government has adopted a relevant decision. According to the substantiation, the Probation Service carries out its work in the city of Yerevan, in 27 regional offices and in one vocational training center (Ararat city). With the new legislation regulating the criminal sphere, the functions of the probation service have almost doubled, due to the execution of new punishments by the service, as well as the use of new preventive measures, in particular, the expulsion of a foreign citizen from the territory of the Republic of Armenia, the restriction of freedom, alternative preventive measures - house arrest and administrative control, security measures - applying the ban on visiting certain places and ensuring the fulfillment of the obligation to receive psychological help. The regional bodies of the probation service are located in the regional centers, but they provide service throughout the territory of the region. Due to the above, very often visiting the regional service body for the fulfillment of the obligations assigned by the law causes many problems for the probationer, in particular, regardless of the will of the probationer, due to working conditions and/or social status.

Due to the need to improve the housing conditions of the employees of the national security agencies, the government made changes and additions to the previously adopted decision. Accordingly, it is possible to provide the full scope of the social guarantees provided for servicemen by the law "On Military Service and the Status of Servicemen", to hire qualified and knowledgeable personnel for the National Security Service, making the service in the national security bodies in general and in the border guard troops in particular, attractive as well as to prevent personnel outflow. According to the decision, it is proposed to make the employees of the national security bodies the beneficiaries of the state support program for the purchase of an apartment or residential house or the construction of a residential house approved by the relevant government decision. Within the framework of the project, it is proposed to give 40 employees of the national security bodies the opportunity to improve housing conditions every year by participating in the lottery held for this purpose, for which approximately 157,000,000 AMD will be required from the state budget.

By the Government decision, it is planned to increase the approved budget of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports for 2023 by 358 million 353 thousand AMD at the expense of the reserve fund of the Government. The adoption of the decision stems from the need to provide additional money to the 11 Armenian sports federations and the Yerevan Chess Federation in order to ensure the participation of athletes in the best shape at the 2023 European and World Championships, as well as the organization and holding of international ranking tournaments. According to the susbstantiation, with the additional funding, the federations will organize international tournaments and championships in the Republic of Armenia, and in order to best prepare for European and world championships and ranking tournaments, they will organize training camps, including joint training camps with teams from other countries. In addition, the federations will participate in international tournaments, increasing the number of participants in the European and World Championships.

September 2023