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Friday, 20 May 2022

Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan took part in the sitting of the Council of the Heads of Government of the CIS member states

Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan participated in the sitting of the Council of the Heads of Government of the CIS member states on May 20 through a video-conference. Within the framework of the sitting agenda, the participants particularly discussed the current issues of trade and economic cooperation within the CIS.
Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan made a speech during the sitting.


Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan's speech at the sitting of the Council of Heads of Government of CIS member states

Distinguished Heads of Government,
Dear participants of the session,

Taking this opportunity, I would like to congratulate the Kazakh side on the start of its chairmanship in the CIS Council of Heads of Government and reaffirm the readiness of the Republic of Armenia for partnership for the benefit of further development of cooperation. Dear Alikhan Askhanovich, you can always count on our support.

Today's meeting is taking place in the context of global economic transformations and palpable shocks of financial systems, which cannot but affect the economic stability in the CIS area, the financial well-being of our countries.

The Armenian side attaches great importance to the exchange of views on possible coordinated actions aimed at ensuring economic and financial stability, we are well aware of the consequences of the policy of blockade.

The economies of Armenia and the CIS countries are closely interconnected. Russia is Armenia's main trade and economic partner, it’s in the first place in terms of both exports and imports. Russian investments are generally the largest in our country. It is obvious that the introduced special economic regimes have also been reflected in the Armenian economy. The introduction of restrictive measures already has a significant impact on the financial markets of our region. There is also a negative impact on exports, a reduction in the flow of private remittances.

Dear Colleagues,

In such a situation, of course, one must think about new opportunities. In this context, it is important to exchange views on possible joint actions aimed at adapting the economies of our countries to the rapidly changing circumstances, as well as minimizing the financial and economic risks and restoring the economic balance.

At the same time, it is necessary not to go to extremes, to avoid actions that could lead to the isolation of economies from global processes. I am sure that our involvement in a constructive dialogue is in the interests of the citizens of the CIS states.

As for the package of documents on the agenda of today's sitting, I would like to note that, undoubtedly, the development of high technologies plays a key role in increasing the competitiveness, efficiency and prosperity of our states.

In the areas of technological development and digitalization, we must pay due attention to information security issues. From this point of view, I attach importance to the adoption of the program of priority measures for the implementation of the information security strategy, taking into account the mutually acceptable formulations that were agreed during the additional consultations in March of this year.

Scientific relations with the CIS member states continue to develop in the field of basic and applied research. Within the CIS, a number of joint projects are being implemented in various scientific and technical spheres, which reflect the high level of cooperation between the stakeholder member states of the CIS.

I am confident that the signing of the Protocol on Amendments to the Agreement on the Establishment of a Common Scientific and Technological Area of the CIS Member States will create new opportunities for cooperation in line with modern trends in science, technology and innovation, as well as the world best practices in this field.

The Republic of Armenia has always advocated the use of the potential of young people in the integration processes in the CIS and to strengthen the ties between the young generations of our countries. In this context, we support the development and adoption of the CIS Youth Capital international project, which aims to involve the younger generation in all areas of interstate relations through their participation in the implementation of sustainable development projects and programs.

The Armenian side also supports the adoption of the concept of cooperation for the further development of viticulture and winemaking, which is aimed at creating an attractive investment environment and favorable conditions for the sustainable development of this competitive direction. Cooperation in this field will not only contribute to the expansion of the geography of winemaking, increase the volume of domestic products in the domestic market, including the development of wine tourism, tourist routes and related infrastructure, but also raise this section of the agro-industrial complex to a qualitatively new level of development, raising the share of wine products in the export component.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize once again the readiness of the Armenian side to continue its active participation in the further development of mutually beneficial cooperation between our states in order to increase the stability of economies and ensure macroeconomic stability. I am confident that our joint efforts will be successful and effective.

Dear Colleagues,

In the context of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, I must say that the Armenian government is strictly committed to the implementation of the obligations provided for by the trilateral statements of the leaders of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan on November 9, 2020, January 11, and November 26, 2021.

The most critical of a number of unresolved issues is the issue of Armenian prisoners of war and other detainees being held since the large-scale military aggression against the people of Nagorno-Karabakh by Azerbaijan, which was halted due to Russian mediation efforts and the deployment of a Russian peacekeeping force. Only according to the data confirmed by the Azerbaijani side, 38 Armenian military and civilians are still in captivity in Azerbaijan, contrary to their commitments, which is a violation of the norms and principles of international humanitarian law.

Regarding the five principles proposed by the Azerbaijani side, I should mention that the Armenian side responded with six complementary principles, which reflect the approaches of the Armenian side to a comprehensive settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

I consider it necessary to state once again that the Nagorno Karabakh conflict cannot be resolved by force, the Armenian side supports the mediation role of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs in advancing the peace process aimed at an exclusively political-diplomatic settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

Thanks for attention.

April 2024