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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Karen Karapetyan: “We will have qualitatively different territorial administration in 2018”

Chaired by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, a consultative meeting was held in the Office of Government, attended by heads of various government departments and governors. The Premier noted that the meeting was organized to discuss next year’s plans and activities, as well as ways of improving local administration efficiency in 2018.

“2018 will be a very exciting, busy and dynamic year. What are the goals, tasks and objectives to achieve? It is obvious that economic activity and growth are heavily dependant on your work, that of regional managers and community leaders. Today, we will state the problems that should be the center of your attention. I think it would be better if you went over each of these points every Monday in order to take stock of progress on a weekly basis,” Karen Karapetyan said, presenting a 14-point action plan on the main vectors of Marz Governors’ activities in 2018, as stated below:

1) Introducing a system of registration in communities (agriculture, construction) and addressing shortfalls;

2) providing for increased per capita income in communities as compared to 2017;

3) clarifying land tax and property tax bases in communities;

4) ensuring communities’ self-sufficiency in the field of garbage collection and sanitation in communities;

5) implementing pilot programs referred to as “Subsidizing interest rates on loans for establishment of intensive orchards in Armenia using modern technologies;”

6) implementing the State programs for subsidizing interest rates on agricultural loans and supporting the financial lease of agricultural machinery;

7) establishing cattle, poultry, pig farms and pushing ahead with the slaughterhouse capacity building program;

8) expanding the coverage of arable land as compared with 2017;

9) increasing the share of paid services in the annual budget of medical institutions as compared with 2017;

10) implementing programs aimed at improving management and quality of education;

11) provision of communities with public road transport and repair of intra-community roads;

12) implementing programs to ensure the targeted use of idle State-owned, community and private property;

13) dealing with investments in Marzes, including the ones directly or indirectly supported by regional administrations;

14) implementing program for the development and promotion of tourism.

Karen Karapetyan stressed that special focus is needed on those issues based on which it will be possible to move forward and achieve sustainable long-term economic growth. As the Prime Minister said, each item will help accurately determine the target rise in communities’ own revenues, and also, what should be done to achieve the target.

“We have practically achieved the proposed growth rate in 2017, and I would like to thank you for good work. But we also need to state that a working style and the necessary benchmarks were being formulated in 2017. Under these circumstances, I am more than confident that if we do this work, and I am sure that we will do it in 2018, we will have qualitatively different territorial administration, coupled with higher economic activity indicators and better moods in the regions and communities,” Karen Karapetyan said.

A detailed discussion was then held on each item specified by the Prime Minister. The heads of public agencies and the governors came up with relevant comments and recommendations. Reference was also made to the digital agenda in the field of territorial management, the redemption of budget receipts in communities, the provision of new jobs, business promotion, condominiums, the water use reform, and road maintenance problems.

Coming to investment programs, Karen Karapetyan said a program generation platform will be set up, and went on to note that given the high level of economic activity in our country, a number of international financial institutions have expressed readiness to cooperate with the private sector without a State guarantee. The Head of Government highlighted the possibility of offering State- and community-owned property to businesses on the basis of specific criteria, including the amount of jobs to be created and investment.

“In this regard, we can actually state serious achievements. At the same time, we need to spotlight those successful business people native of different communities and help them implement business projects in their hometowns,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

December 2018