This section allows you to express views, opinions and visions in writing. Unlike applications, letters are not examined under the official procedure.

Your official request or application to the Government is henceforth subject to transparent procedures. Our website informs you as to which agency or official is currently in charge of your hand-delivered or mailed request or application.

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Office of the Prime-Minister of the Republic of Armenia

The Prime Minister’s Staff has the task of ensuring the enforcement of the powers vested in the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Ministers of the Republic of Armenia, as well as making preparations for Cabinet meetings.

The Staff implements its activities based on the laws of the Republic of Armenia, as well as on the Statute of the Government Staff and on its own by-laws.

The Staff ensures oversight of the execution of decisions and assignments issued by the RoA Government and the Prime Minister.


Chief of Staff

Eduard Aghajanyan


First Deputy Chief of Government Staff

Artur Sargsyan
Tel.: (+37410) 51-57-05

Deputy Chiefs of Government Staff

Sargis Khandanyan
Tel.: (+37410) 51-57-06

Tsovinar Soghomonyan

Vahe Jilavyan
Tel.: (+37410) 51-57-07

Advisers to Prime Minister

Srbuhi Ghazaryan
Tel.: (+37410) 51-58-45

Appointed Advisers to Prime Minister on a voluntary basis

Artak Manukyan

Press Secretary of Prime Minister

Arman Eghoyan

Assistants to the Prime Minister

Aren Mkrtchyan

Nairi Sargsyan

Staff Departments

Department for Relations with the National Assembly

Head: Amalia Yengoyan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-57-30,

Department for External Relations

Head: *****, Tel.: (+37410) 51-57-60

Legal Department

Interim Head : Hayk Malkhasyan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-57-77,

Department for Programmes Expertise

Head: **, Tel.:

Department for Personnel and Human Resources Management

Interim Head : Lusine Alexsanyan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-57-54,

Department for Defense, Security and Justice Affairs


Department for Social Affairs

Acting Head: Sargis Torosyan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-57-93,

Department for Territorial Development and Environmental Issues

Head: Karen Margaryan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-58-30,

Department for Information and Public Relations

Tel.: (+37410) 51-58-40

Department for Reception of Citizens and Discussion of Petitions

Head:: Aleksandr Ghazaryan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-58-70,

Financial and Accounting Department

Interim Head : Svetlana Vardevanyan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-58-61,

Financial-Economical Department

Head: ****, Tel.: (+37410) 51-58-50

Administrative Service

Chief of Administrative Service: Gevorg Achemyan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-59-90

Division for Ethnic Minorities and Religious Affairs

Head: Vardan Ascatryan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-57-40,

Protocol Division


Protocol Division

Head: Artak Hakobyan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-58-90,

First Division

Head: Marina Tsaturyan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-58-80,

Mobilization Preparations and Mobilization Programs Department

Head: Mher Torchyan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-58-74,

General Division

Head: Nune Harutyunyan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-59-10,

Department of Pardons, Citizenship, Awards and Titles


Division of Internal Audit

Head: Artak Yergenyan, Tel.: (+37410) 51-58-66,

Information Technologies and Special Communication Systems Department

Head: ----, Tel.: (+37410) 51-59-06

Security Council Office


Civil Service Office


Office for Coordination of Inspection Activities


Public Council Secretariat