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Friday, 2 November 2012

Prime Minister: Student Support Programs To Be Continued

Chaired by Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, the Youth Fund of Armenia (AYF) Board of Trustees held a regular meeting.

According to the agenda, the Board approved a new structure and staffing positions, as well as 2013. Budget: It was noted that the increase in social-oriented programs next year, including the disabled and socially vulnerable groups of people.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of cooperation with the Government of the students tuition reimbursement program (AMD60 million) of continuous exercise. “The program implies that based on objective criteria, students can choose those in need of financial assistance, and the Foundation will help them pay tuition. Given the program effectiveness, it is proposed to earmark funds from the State budget to provide financial assistance to students from vulnerable households or outstanding ones. The government will be sharing in the costs providing part of the needed amount.

Youth programs are the second important area since a question arises how youth organizations can apply to the fund and become a beneficiary.

Thirdly, the process must be transparent. Non-governmental and youth organizations should rest assured that they can be engaged based on free and competitive conditions.”

AYF BOT Coordinator, MP Karen Avagyan advised that the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Diaspora will jointly provide AMD40mn in support for Syrian-Armenian students.

The Prime Minister instructed the Executive Director to provide media with relevant information about the possibilities for getting assistance under those programs due to be implemented in 2013.

The meeting also approved grant categories, internal disciplinary rules, as well as organizing and supporting projects monitoring and evaluation procedures. “We confirm categories concerning your activities so that they should be open and controlled,” Tigran Sargsyan noted.

The meeting elected a financial auditor for the Foundation in 2012.

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