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Friday, 27 January 2017

Excerpt from Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan’s interview, which was published in the UK-based authoritative The Banker magazine

Q: What economic initiatives or plans do you have?

A – RA Prime Minister: There are a few major topics I want to highlight. Number one, we need to create a truly free, competitive and fair business environment. We are confident that our nation’s potential for creativeness and business acumen would allow our businesses to grow really fast in such an environment. In addition, if we send clear signals, then foreign investors would respond to that as well and would enter our market if they are comfortable with the rules of the game.

Considering our current economic condition, we will stimulate the businesses, perhaps not in a very conventional way for the government. We are going to create funds that will be providing financing to different sectors, for example, the agriculture sector, IT, SMEs and so on.

We will create a center for strategic initiatives, where, with the involvement of talented private and public sector representatives, we will be discussing and developing long-term strategies, programs and reforms and, ultimately, deciding in which direction Armenia will be moving.

We need to create the most favorable and comfortable conditions for creative and hard-working individuals and we will demonstrate to them the horizons of our future, so that everyone engages in building that future. We want to show everyone the country of our dreams.

Q: What are the immediate priorities that you want to address as prime minister?

A – RA Prime Minister: Frankly, the work of the prime minister assumes that everything is a priority. Economic growth, social issues, healthcare and the fight against corruption: one could not say that this area is a priority and the other one is secondary.

Perhaps the difference between the actions and the job of the prime minister and a businessman is that you do not have the luxury of prioritizing and focusing only on the most important issues. Here’s what I think is our first major task – we need to establish contact with society so that our nation understands, believes and responds to the signals that we send. This relates to the businesses and larger public. It will be much easier for us to improve the situation, when our nation is our ally and supports the programs that we propose.